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March 21, 2008
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The Middle Triplet - Cael by touchofdestiny The Middle Triplet - Cael by touchofdestiny
I did try to color him. But I failed. Epically. BUT! On the upside, this is the first wolf I managed to draw without a reference... first complete wolf, anyway. I drew Lucius, but only half of him XD

Don't even bother me about the back legs being longer than the front legs. I know.

And here's a little bio:

Cael Ishida-Talbein
Age: 10*
Colors: Black, with dark grey scars, a white tipped tail, and white toes and paw-pads. Right eye is gold, left eye is blue.
Likes: Having fun, playing with Flanoir, bedtime stories, baths, listening to his mother sing, strawberries, and pouncing on his Oniisan's (Acree's) shoe.
Dislikes: Arguments, fighting, boredom, getting up in the morning, raspberries, and anyone who tries to hurt Flanoir in anyway.
Info: Ever since they were pups, Fenris has always used Cael as a target. Fenris usually has nothing against Cael, it's Lucius that bothers him. However, Lucius will fight back, and Cael will not. This leaves Cael as the perfect stress reliever. Fenris has left many scars on Cael's body, and Cael has suffered mentally from them as well. He fears Fenris, and arguments, and fighting in general, because he doesn't want Fenris to hurt him. When Fenris is angry, Cael will always lower his head, ears, and tail and speak very softly. Despite this, Cael is certainly the most playful of the triplets. Almost always smiling, and almost always ready to have fun, he tends to annoy Rex Alon, Acree, Yuji, and Fenris, but Alveil, Flanoir, and even Naisel are often willing to play with him. He adores his mother, and respects (and fears) his father, and hates being separated from his sister Flanoir.

* Though 10 may seem old for a wolf, he's a half demon, and so while in human form he's a ten year old, in wolf form he would be just like an adult... a very happy adult.

Drawing Copywrited to me.
Cael copyrighted to me~
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It's a wolf. Yeah, um...
"YEAH, UM!?" Turn away so you won't see me throwing Jacob's case at you!
"Not bad" ... that's it? .... Come on, be a comment whore. X)
I'm a man of few words.

What's up?
I guess so.

Nothing much. Just sitting around in an empty house and drawing wolves. I had a friend here but... she like, ran away or something, I dunno.
How long did it take before she ran away?

I'm in an empty house too. My dog is waiting for me to take her for a walk.
Haha, she's living with me for two weeks starting yesterday. So I dunno, about 15 hours?
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